Monday, January 26, 2009

I need a job!

So I haven't posted in months (literally) and now I'm finally posting and it's to beg for help. I know, some people are such takers.... So here's the skinny; I need a right now. Here's the only hang up, I gotta be able to work nights and/or weekends--well I can squeeze in two day shifts. I need full time but I'll take part time too. So if you hear of ANYTHING please, please, please let me know. And just so you know how bottom of the barrel I am willing to go, I sat in the parking lot of In-n-Out burger for 20 minutes convincing myself that working there wouldn't be the worst job ever (thank you Crystal you are an awesome friend!!). I finally decided it probably was but it was a paycheck and benefits and I couldn't be picky. So I finally get my nerve up and go in and I've got to hand an application to this totally cute 16-year old and in my head I'm thinking, "hi I need to give you this application so I can have a job like yours...and I'm twice your age". Moral of the story: FINISH SCHOOL!! Anyway, water under the bridge. But if you know of anything I would love the info. Thanks so much!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Natalie's pic

Ok, not sure why natalie's picture got all cut off but here it is the right way.

Christmas Pictures

Wow! Do I have a cute family or what?! The girls had their Primary Program last month so I learned from last year's Christmas dress fiasco and bought early. Figured I'd get at least 3 great uses out of these bad boys. Wore them for the program, pictures and then Christmas. I was very happy to find coordinating dresses for all three of them. Considering they are all in different size brackets that is no easy feat! I also figured I'd take advantage of our photo time and get Addison's 6 month pictures taken (ok, so I'm a month late on that...) She's getting so big! She has four teeth now. The top two just broke through this week. They seem to be coming in pairs, which is fine with me, it's like a two for one deal. Although she's taken to teething pretty well, usually a grumpy day and then in comes the teeth. So I can't complain! She started crawling in earnest in the last week. She's been doing the belly scoot for a while but she's got the all fours forward motion now. She's thinking about pulling up on stuff now. Not so sure I like that.... She is a sweet girl though, and she is ADORED by her two older sisters. They love to carry her (Mommy doesn't love that so much) and make her laugh and feed her. I can't get them excited about changing diapers though. And sorry about the goofy layout on this post, I'm all discombobulated tonight, but I figured a weird layout is better than nothing! :-)

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Click here to see the YouTube video of what I've been doing!  Hee hee, who knew I would get on YouTube.  This was at our ward halloween party.

Monday, October 27, 2008

My one and only political post

Ok, so here it is, I've debated back and forth about making this post but I've decided the time for fear of offending others has passed there are too many other things of far greater value and meaning at stake in the coming week.  So rather than forward you all endless emails with relevant links I'm combining them all here.  I make only 2 requests.  First, find out about the candidates and issues.  You should NOT vote if you don't know what you are voting for.  Second, please VOTE.  Take the time, make the effort, people fight and die for this right every day.  Don't take it for granted.

The things I value:
Prop 8 (for those not in CA this is the prop amending the CA constitution to have the definition of marriage include that of same-sex couples).  Redefining marriage to include homosexual couples is wrong.  Plain and simple it's wrong.  If you think it's right please feel free to share and also please check out the following:
click here to view the article from the LA times about the Teacher's Union's contribution.   Don't you dare tell me that this won't effect our children when the teacher's union takes a stand.
Click here to view a blog dedicated to this issue

Barack Obama
Don't misunderstand I have no great love for John McCain, Sarah Palin absolutely, but not McCain.  Barack Obama is an evil man.  He wants to trample the things this country was built upon and the symbols that represent it.  He does not value the constitution, the flag or the anthem.  He wants to socialize this country.  He preaches Marxism.  He associates with not one, not two but many, many people who HATE this country.   
click here to find out about Obama's stand on family values
click here to listen to a public statement make by Obama about civil rights--this is a biggie folks!
go to and search obama
here are a few important ones

educate yourself and vote

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

C'mon Help a Kid Out!

So the annual (or is it monthly) school fundraiser is underway and I have been coerced into being part of my daughter's sales team (she's a ferocious negotiator). I told her my contribution would be putting up her online shopping link on the blog (remember when we went door to door peddling our wares?). So let's move that product! She only needs to sell 100 items and she will get a crisp $100 bill. After my cut, she should be able to get some ice cream. So here it is folks, check it out, help our failing economy and buy some good old Chinese made merchandise! (That's just for you Aaron!)

Click here to shop!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Star Wars Mania

It all started with this
And it has turned into full blown mania at our house. We got this game a few weeks ago and the girls love it (Jared an I do as well, but lets focus on the children...). So over the weekend we were playing and I said, "hey girls, do you want to see the movie this game is from?" Of course they did. So we put in Episode I and from there it turned into a full blown marathon. As soon as one was over they wanted to see the next one. Natalie decided that Episode III was too scary so she and I went and watched Kim Possible. We got through the first four this weekend and the girls are chomping at the bit for the last two. After their showers this evening I heard Aubrey say "Natalie, go get your Yoda coat!" (aka your bathrobe). What have I done?