Monday, January 26, 2009

I need a job!

So I haven't posted in months (literally) and now I'm finally posting and it's to beg for help. I know, some people are such takers.... So here's the skinny; I need a right now. Here's the only hang up, I gotta be able to work nights and/or weekends--well I can squeeze in two day shifts. I need full time but I'll take part time too. So if you hear of ANYTHING please, please, please let me know. And just so you know how bottom of the barrel I am willing to go, I sat in the parking lot of In-n-Out burger for 20 minutes convincing myself that working there wouldn't be the worst job ever (thank you Crystal you are an awesome friend!!). I finally decided it probably was but it was a paycheck and benefits and I couldn't be picky. So I finally get my nerve up and go in and I've got to hand an application to this totally cute 16-year old and in my head I'm thinking, "hi I need to give you this application so I can have a job like yours...and I'm twice your age". Moral of the story: FINISH SCHOOL!! Anyway, water under the bridge. But if you know of anything I would love the info. Thanks so much!!


Memory said...

If you type 75wpm+ (which I think you do, don't you?), I can find out if they are hiring any people in CA right now (which I really don't think so...I think only WA, OR and UT, but it's worth a try!). Let me know. Now I'm officially worried about you. I was "just" worried about you when you hadn't posted FOREVER and now I'm officially worried. :-) Send me a note.

rockkinrobbins said...

Im keeping my eye out for you..don't forget about mystery shopping? Is that anything?

ablykins said...

I've heard In & Out is a great fast food service chain to work for, one of the best in SoCal so don't give up on that one!

Also, have you considered Pachanga Casino? Working in casinos can offer good pay, good tips, and allow you to network with lots of area locals and get tips on advancements and new positions before they are even posted to the public.

For evening work another great position can be a night auditor for a hotel/motel in your area. Basic accounting skills are required, but I know you already have that.

Good luck with your job search, I know times are tough right now. Keep us posted!

Lauren Niesen said...

I'll have you know Emily I worked at In-N-Out for six years!!! I started there my senior year of high school and worked there while I went to college. Of fast food restaurants I felt it was the best. They were always willing to work around my school schedule and give me every Sunday off! Anyways, just thought I would say hello since I haven't seen you in awhile. You are the best visiting teacher I ever had!!

P.S. I will keep my eyes open for a job for you!!!

Stacy said...

Hey there woman! It was really good talking to you today! Ed was a night auditor at Country Inns and Suites and it was such a cake job! That would be great for you because it would also give you the peace and quiet in order to get some studying done,(if you are serious about continuing school)! You will be in our thoughts and prayers! Love you. Give the girlies a big wet one from Auntie Stacy AND a big bear hug from their cousins! We miss you!